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Schacht has many wonderful looms and weaving equipment and I want to feature lots of pictures, so I will have to split them up on separate pages. Follow the link bar at the bottom of this page to see everything.

Boat Shuttles and Bobbin Winders

Boat Shuttles

Schacht offers a variety of boat shuttles, all beautifully shaped and well-balanced. They are sanded smooth and then given a hand-rubbed Danish oil finish. Some models available in cherry as noted, all available in maple.

Mini Boat ShuttlesMini Boat Shuttles
Schacht's smallest boat shuttle, the 9" mini, is styled after a Japanese silk shuttle. This duck-nosed shuttle is wonderful for narrow widths and fine yarns. Maple $29.


Boat Shuttles11" Boat Shuttles
The most popular size boat shuttle, the 11" boat shuttle is offered in both slim and regular models, as well as closed-bottom and open-bottom styles.
Specify style, maple$35.00
11" slim and regular boat shuttle also available in cherry $40.00

13" and 15" Boat Shuttles (shown above)
The larger boat shuttles are great for fine to medium weight yarns. Because of their extra length and yarn capacity, weavers often choose these shuttles for wider weaving widths.
Specify size, maple $38.00
Specify size, cherry $49.00


Double Bobbin Boat ShuttlesDouble Bobbin Boat Shuttles
Slim and regular double-bobbin boat shuttles are ideal for doubled weft threads. Two separate bobbin shafts make it possible to remove one bobbin at a time. Specify slim or regular, maple $49.00


End-Delivery ShuttlesEnd-Delivery Boat Shuttles
The Schacht End-Delivery Boat Shuttles are the ultimate in shuttles designed especially and precisely for handweavers. They are lightweight, comfortable to throw and catch, adjustable to a variety of yarns, and easy–really easy–to thread. Specify 12" or 15" size, maple $93.00


Bobbins and Pirns

Schacht plastic bobbins come in three sizes. The 4" bobbins fit the 9" mini, the 11" shuttles, and both double-bobbin boat shuttles; the 5" bobbins fit the 13" shuttles; and the 6" bobbins fit the 15" shuttles. These bobbins have specially designed ends for trouble-free release of yarn.
4" plastic bobbins/10 $13.00
5" plastic bobbins/10 $17.50
6" plastic bobbins/10 $19.50


End-Delivery Shuttles use pirns. Pirns come in 2 sizes. The red 6" pirn fits the 12" end-delivery shuttle; and the black 8" pirn fits the 15" end-delivery shuttle.
Specify size, 5 pirns $21.50

Stick Shuttles

SH5301 9" Stick Shuttle $ 6.25
SH5300 12" Stick Shuttle $6.50
SH5302 16" Stick Shuttle $7.00
SH5303 20" Stick Shuttle $7.25
SH5304 24" Stick Shuttle $7.75
SH5306 30" Stick Shuttle $9.00


# WT6201 8" Pick Up Stick $ 7.95
# WT6203 12" Pick Up Stick $8.95
# WT6205 16" Pick Up Stick $9.95

#WT6211 18" Pick Up Stick $ 9.95
#WT6213 22" Pick Up Stick $10.95
#WT6215 26" Pick Up Stick $11.95

#WT6221 20" Pick Up Stick $ 10.95
#WT6223 25" Pick Up Stick $11.95
#WT6225 30" Pick Up Stick $12.95

SH5201 14" Rag Shuttle $ 29.00
SH5202 20" Rag Shuttle $31.00


SH5401 Rug Shuttle (20" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" 6 oz. ) $ 31.00

SH5500 18" Ski Shuttle $ 32.00
SH5501 24" Ski Shuttle $34.00

Bobbin Winders

Manual Bobbin Winders
Schacht manual bobbin winders are belt driven, have self-lubricating bronze bearings, and are available in single-ended and double-ended models. A clamp incorporated into both models means you'll never have to hunt around for a "C" clamp again!

Single-ended bobbin winderSingle-Ended Manual Bobbin Winder
has a tapered shaft that will accommodate a variety of bobbins up to 6" long. $105.00


Double-ended manual winderDouble-Ended Manual Winder
can be used for bobbins, pirns, and a variety of large flanged spools up to 9" long. $159.00


Electric Bobbin WinderElectric Bobbin Winder
is double-ended and will accommodate bobbins, spools, and pirns up to 9" long and with flanges up to 4" in diameter. It will save you time, especially when there's a lot of winding to do. The speed of the winder is controlled by a foot-powered rheostat like that of a sewing machine. $298.00

Yardage Counter - $171.00


Lace Bobbin Winder
both the double-ended manual and the electric bobbin winders are available with special tips for winding lace bobbins. Conversion kits are also available.
Manual double-ended Lace winder $170.00
Electric double-ended Lace winder $298.00
Lace Winder Conversion kit $49.00



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